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our style & design

Comfort, minimalism and timelessness are at the forefront of WAIWAI designs. The casually elegant style is rooted in our appreciation for simple but empowering lines. Intrinsically soft and lightweight, the leather pieces impart an organic, familiar feel that is almost cozy and definitely comfortable. Simple and sophisticated, WAIWAI can elevate any outfit or occasion. Our pieces are a modern alternative to traditional gold and silver but similarly possess enduring qualities of age-old materials. The collection is indefinitely relevant and transcends trends. Our jewelry is dynamic. Necklaces and bracelets adjust without compromise. Your creativity dictates when worn in various ways using cleverly-placed clasps. Wear in layers or integrate. Experimental shapes, asymmetry and dichotomy create the mood of WAIWAI. Inspiration is drawn from natural forms and the harmonious coexistence of contrasts. Think strong, linear structures in architecture and urban environments juxtaposed against delicate textures and patterns found in nature.

our core values

We hope our jewelry elicits dialogue about leather and other material waste. We are committed to being a business focused on a product otherwise labelled as “garbage” destined for the landfill. It makes us happy to create this diversion. It is our hope to continually increase our actions to mitigate negative environmental impact. This is being responsible.

WAIWAI fulfills our need to look good and feel good about our choices in a small but impactful way.

This is who we are.

our manufacturing

WAIWAI’s unique pieces are re-invented exclusively from leather scraps responsibly sourced from local leather makers.  We believe nothing should be wasted.  Minimalism lies in the heart of the company and is a common thread through the manufacturing process as well.  

Impeccable craftsmanship is the result of doing each step by hand and employing only basic tools.  As a supple textile, leather lends itself to creative manipulation.  Sequins are individually punched using a hand press.  Heat is applied to alter textures and to shape pieces.  Precision is evident in the fine hand-stitching.  Organic, natural finishing treatments such as beeswax and tragacanth gum are applied.  Edges are painted with water-based paints. This hand-crafting is the purest form of art where no detail can be overlooked.

For durability and hypoallergenicity, stainless steel and titanium are the metals of choice for all hardware. 

about Sasha

Sasha, founder and designer, has made her mark as an award-winning designer. She is educated in the areas of interior, product and graphic design.

Brought up in a family of creatives surrounded by art and architecture, Sasha was influenced by the artistic process from an early age. With an inevitable passion for tactile experiments, she explored clay, wood, glass and, eventually leather.

With a conviction that this versatile resource must not be wasted and to honour the animal sacrificed for food, Sasha salvaged and transformed leftover leather into wearable art. Combined with her love for West Coast landscapes and affinity for efficiency, WAIWAI was born. The key values of earth impact, efficiency and organic living are communicated through her designs.

WAIWAI is headquartered in Vancouver, where Sasha lives with her husband and two children.